More of your neighbors have chosen Trimble products for their precision ag operations because it saves money and makes their life easier. With support from Triangle Ag-Services, you can find the right solutions for your farming operation, without breaking the budget. From basic guidance and hands-free steering to multi-product variable rate, Triangle Ag will find the Trimble products that fit you best.

Trimble Displays

Trimble CFX-750 Support CFX-750 Display
The newest display in Trimble's agriculture products, the CFX-750 improves on the popular EZ-Guide 500 with a touchscreen, dual camera inputs and product control using Field-IQ.

Trimble TMX-2050 Support TMX-2050 Display
The TMX-2050 display gives you the best performance and reliability in the industry. The color, touch screen is capable of handling everything you need in guidance, steering, and mapping.

EZ-Guide 250 Support EZ-Guide 250
Easy to use, easy to set-up, affordable for all operations!

Trimble Steering

EZ-Steer Supported Vehicles EZ-Steer
The EZ-Steer system turns the steering wheel for you by combining a friction wheel and motor with GPS guidance.

EZ-Pilot Supported Vehicles EZ-Pilot
The Trimble EZ-Pilot system turns the steering wheel with its integrated electric motor drive using GNSS guidance from the CFX-750 display or the FmX integrated display. High accuracy at an affordable price.

AgGPS AutoPilot Automated Steering System
The hydraulic steering solution that reduces cab clutter and improves steering performace.

Trimble Flow and Applications

Field-IQ Support Field-IQ
The Field-IQ system combines rate control, automatic section control and variable rate in one easy to use system. Add it to your sprayer, spreader, air seeder or anhydrous applicator to save money on inputs.

GreenSeeker Support GreenSeeker
Maximize your nitrogren application with a GreenSeeker sensor system. The sensors use plant reflectance to determine which areas of the field need more or less fertilizer. The nitrogen application and the sensor system can run in the same operation or the data can be collected and analyzed for later use.

GreenSeeker Handheld
The Trimble GreenSeeker handheld crop sensor is an affordable, easy-to-use measurement device that can be used to assess the heath or vigor of a crop in order to make better nutrient management decisions on your farm.

Other Trimble Solutions

Find out about CenterPoint RTX and RangePoint RTX corrections available on your Trimble CFX-750, FmX and TmX 2050 displays. Affordable improvement for your GPS accuracy.

Trimble Protected
Trimble equipment is built to for precision and reliability under the toughest agricultural conditions, but sometimes things do break. Trimble Protected offers Advanced and Extended Warranties options for your favorite Trimble equipment.

Remote Assistant
If you've ever been sitting in your field wanting to go to work and you can't figure out how to do something on your Trimble FmX Integrated Display, then Remote Assistant is for you. With Remote Assistant, Triangle Ag technicians will connect directly to your FmX to help you!

Vehicle Sync
Vehicle Sync works on Trimble FmX displays, allowing the users to share guidance lines and application maps while driving down the field. Great for multiple sprayers or spreaders in the same field, since it will trigger the application to turn off and on automatically based on areas that have already been applied.

With the proven Trimble FmX integrated display accurately steering your combine, cameras monitoring activities from the cab, and the new capabilities provided by Trimble Yield Monitoring, the Trimble harvest solution can manage all your harvesting needs.