Here at Triangle Ag we know that technology changes and improves; we've been in the ag technology business since the beginning! That's why we offer trade-in options for your 'previously used' equipment. Whether you have an original Trimble Ag-GPS 132 or the more recent EZ-Guide 500, we'll give you immediate credit on your trade-in product toward a new system. The trade-in must be operational and we'll check them out and upgrade them. So if you're looking for a bargain, give us a call, we may have a reconditioned used system on the shelf that fits your needs for less money. The products listed below are the most common trade-ins we get and hopefully the pictures will help you identify what you already have. But if you have a system to trade that isn't on the list, give us a call and we'll see what we can do.

Used Equipment Available

No Used Equipment Currently Available

Products that currently have Trade-In Prices

EZ-Guide 500 EZ-Guide 500 Downloads
The EZ-Guide 500 has a GPS Lightbar with color display, mapping and improved EZ-Steer capabilities.

EZ-Boom EZ-Boom Supported Platforms
Cut your farm's input costs IMMEDIATELY using the EZ-Boom automated boom switching and spray rate controller system.

EZ-Guide Plus
Introduced in early 2004, the EZ-Guide Plus was the first system that would control the EZ-Steer. It has a lightbar on top and a small black and white screen.

AgGPS 132 with Lightbar
The Trimble AgGPS 132 provided a choice of correction with WAAS,Coast Guard Beacon, or Omnistar for providing a great product that remained a favorite for over ten years. This extremely durable system still has a loyal following.

EZ-Guide SL
For applicators that wanted an entry-level guidance system in 2001, EZ-Guide SL or EZ-Guide 110 fit the bill. The 'smart antenna' is often used now in combines for yield monitoring.