Technical Support for Trimble Agricultural Products

Sometimes there is nothing better than being able to pick up the phone and ask a real person a question about your Trimble agricultural products. Triangle Ag-Services has been providing that support to our customers for over ten years and now we're extending that support to users who haven't purchased their equipment from Triangle Ag-Services. While we have years of experience with all kinds of Trimble equipment, we specialize in EZ products, including:


EZ-Guide 500
FmX Integrated Display
EZ-Guide 250
Field-IQ (NOT including planters)
Click on a system for more information.

Having trouble with an EZ-Steer calibration? How about figuring out some of the settings on your CFX-750? Do you need an unlock code or a subscription to RangePoint RTX activated? We have equipment set up in our offices so we can see the same screens that you're looking at. Of course, not all problems can be solved with a phone call, but we will try to narrow down your issues. One more thing, try to call us before you're so frustrated that you want to throw it all out of the window and drive over it.

Not a Triangle Ag customer? Call 406-622-3887 for Trimble Tech Support

$90/hour, one hour minimum

When you call we will determine if your problem is within the scope of our expertise and then your credit card information is required before continuing support.

We are available during normal business hours, 8am to 5pm (Mountain Time), Monday - Friday (except Holidays). If a real person doesn't answer right away, please leave a message, we really will call you back as soon as possible. We also monitor our messages after hours and on weekends during peak farming seasons.

Be ready to talk to a technician, have your equipment ready to work through the problem. If you would like to schedule a time for a support call, so that you are ready and we are available, calls can be scheduled.