RainWise Weather Stations

If it's one thing all farmers in Montana love to talk about, it's the weather. Now you can see weather information from your own weather station on your own farm. A RainWise MK-III-LR weather station, from Triangle Ag-Services, will connect to the internet to view weather data from any place you have internet access. If you're travelling and want to see if it rained at your farm, just log in and take a look. Wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, rainfall and barometric pressure are all measured and reported for easy viewing.
The MK-III-LR weather station is solar powered and has a one-mile range, so it doesn't have to be mounted right at the house or shop. Internet isn't required for the MK-II-LR, it can also report to the Weather Oracle display to see from the kitchen table. Unlike other weather stations that come in parts and pieces, the RainWise MK-III-LR comes already assembled, ready to mount and easy to connect. The two year warranty and US based customer support gives you confidence that you've invested in the right product.
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Viewing Your Weather Station Information

Weather Oracle Multi Display
The Weather Oracle Multi Display receives data from your MK-III weather station even if you don't have an internet connection. The bright LED display can be viewed from across the room and in any lighting condition. The wireless design allows you to connect to as many displays and/or internet connections as desired. Frame choices include Cherry, Mahogany, Black and Metal. (Black frame is shown here.)

RainWise.net (Click here to connect to the live RainWise factory weather station located in Bar Harbor, Maine. Some features aren't enabled on this demo.)
If you have internet connection use the RainWise IP-100 to connect to your dashboard to see detailed current and historical data. This historical information is protected by your personal login can be downloaded and saved to your own computer for later reference.

Weather Underground (Click here to can see the current weather conditions at Triangle Ag-Services in Fort Benton, MT.)
Another internet option, the RainWise RapidFire enabled IP-100 updates to Weather Underground, a popular weather website, every 3 seconds. Adding your MK-III to Weather Underground will allow anyone to see your current weather statistics.