OPI-Integris USA - Advancing Grain Storage Management

Harvest is a busy time, trying to get the crop out of the field quickly and efficiently, then getting it into the bins where it's safely stored until you're ready to ship. But stored grain changes physically and chemically during the storage period. Freshly harvested grain - usually at higher moisture and temperature levels - respires and produces additional heat and moisture, which can lead to hotspot development, mold growth, mycotoxin development and grain spoilage. Grain management with OPI sensing cables allows you to monitor the condition of your stored grain, avoiding costly problems and protecting your investment.
The size of your bin will determine the number and length of cables that you need for accurate readings. Bins with a diameter of 36' or more in diameter may need more than one cable in the bin to accurately monitor the grain. The bottom of the sensor cable should reach within 2' to 3' of the bin floor. Call Triangle Ag-Services to get a quote on a grain monitoring system for your grain bins. For accurate quoting, please know the diameter, peak height and eve height of the bins.

Sensing Cables

Moisture with Temperature Sensing Cables
The moisture cable contains moisture and temperature sensors, so you can monitor temperature, relative humidity and moisture content. The sensors are placed 4' apart and are encapsulated in a sintered filter that protects the sensor from dust and contamination, while allowing for instantaneous readings.

Retractable Temperature Sensing Cables
Highly accurate and easy to service, the temperature cables are an affordable way to get instant temperature readings from your bins using either the StorMax handheld or OPI Blue for wireless access.

Sensor Monitoring - Wireless

OPI Blue is a wireless system that delivers timely grain storage management to your mobile device. OPI Blue makes your life easier, with easy installation and configuration, and easy use. OPI Blue can send you a notification either with email or text letting you know of a potential problem in your bins. This protects your investment with proactive monitoring so you don't spend your time driving around checking bins. The free app provides several different ways to view your bin sensors, using both table and graphical displays. It also stores your data for review later. Connect with bins using either Wifi and/or cellular service.

Sensor Monitoring - Bin Site

The cost-effective StorMax handheld monitor provides you with a way to plug into the cable at the side of the bin to access grain temperature readings and more. Fully upgradeable to the OPI Blue wireless system, the StorMax is the perfect solution for bin sites that don't have a power source. No external power is needed to get accurate, reliable readings from the cables in your bins.