Dealers in your area

Are you looking for a dealer closer to your farm in Montana? Triangle Ag-Services works with many other dealers in Montana to provide quality products and support. When you purchase any of our products from one of the dealers listed below, you will be getting the support of that local dealer, as well as backup from Triangle Ag-Services and, of course, our manufacturers. So stop in at your local dealer and see how they can help you save money on your farm.

CG Ag Consulting
444 Hiway 213
Cut Bank, MT 59427

Ag Trucks and Equipment
246 Rickard Road
Great Falls, MT 59405
Fred Fairhurst
PO Box 403
Sunburst, MT 59482
(406) 470-0069

Crop Consulting

Jeff Farkell: 406-788-4875
Joel Farkell: 406-788-4881
NGS Sales
405 Broadway
Denton, MT 59430
(406) 567-2532

Churchill Equipment
7150 Churchill Road
Manhatten, MT 59741