Intelligent Agricultural Solutions

Make some room in your tractor cab by eliminating the cable to your blockage and flow monitor. The innovators at Intelligent Agricultural Solutions kept simplicity and reliability at the center of their Blockage and Flow Monitor. Growers can see total flow levels and flow variance between manifolds by looking at their iPad in the cab using a free app designed specifically for IAS. Actual flow is measured with acoustic sensors that respond quickly and accurately.
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Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor

Choose between two styles of sensors that connect directly to the air seeders runs. They are able to detect when seed or other material such as fertilizer is flowing through the run due to the sound that is produced when the material strikes against the flow sensor. The sounds are converted into digital signals in the ECU, which transmits the information wirelessly to the iPad in your cab. When no sound is recorded by the flow sensor and the air seeder is in the ground, the Wireless Blockage Monitor app will notify the operator of a potentially blocked run with an audio alarm and by displaying the blocked runs or manifolds on the Wireless Blockage Monitor app on the iPad. The iPad provides an easy to use, stable display that the grower can use for other projects, both on the farm and off. Click on the image to find out more about the Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor.