More differential correction choices are available than ever seen in agriculture. That's great for Montana because is makes accuracy more affordable and easier to receive. Growers are no longer tied to a local base station or cell phone tower to get high accuracy. Satellite correction covers all of Montana providing 1.5" accuracy, repeatability and more satellites are available for far less money than we ever thought possible. So take a look, it may surprise you.

Primary Differential Correction Sources for Montana

   CenterPoint RTX and RangePoint RTX are available on Trimble CFX-750 and FmX Integrated Displays.

Product List

CenterPoint RTX
Currently offered for CFX-750 or FmX displays, CenterPoint RTX gives you 1.5" accuracy, repeatable corrections via satellite. Use with GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations and save thousands when compared with traditional RTX signal. Available across all of Montana.

RangePoint RTX
Free in 2013, CenterPoint RTX is an affordable upgrade from WAAS. No unlocks are required to receive the RangePoint RTX signal and users can access both GPS and GLONASS constallations.

HP delivers 2-4" accuracy for a good compromise between cost and accuracy for many growers. Not available with GLONASS.

A step up from the free WAAS correction, OmniSTAR HP provides user with 3-4" accuracy, and is not as repeatable as either OmniSTAR HP or CenterPoint RTX.