About Us

Mark and DeImna Heiken started Triangle Crop Consulting in 1989 as a crop consulting business. Mark was farming full-time and DeImna had been working as a tech support and research specialist for an agri-chemical company. They had just started their family and the idea was to provide a local part time job for DeImna as an agronomist while their boys were small. Over twenty years later and now that part time job has turned full time for Mark, DeImna and their youngest son Brent. Their oldest son Trevor helps out with mapping and computer work. During those years Triangle Crop Consulting has always focused on helping Montana farmers, directly in crop scouting at the beginning and then with a crop record keeping service, which led to GPS maps, which led to GPS equipment, which led to well, you get the idea. Now operating as Triangle Ag-Services, but still located in Fort Benton, and still focusing on Montana agriculture, Triangle Ag-Services specializes in providing precision ag products, software, support and training. Give us a call to find out more!