Internet for Ag

Internet for Ag is a combination of equipment and services that will extend your current internet signal from the house to other places on your farm. This expanded WiFi coverage allows you to gain information, monitor remote equipment and improve productivity. Our Ubiquiti Certified airMax Administrator can get your network up and keep you connected. For specific solutions, give us a call at 406-622-3887.

House to Shop Package

At $395, our House to Shop package is the most popular. It extends your internet signal from the house to the shop, allowing you to research information while you're working. We set up the hardware and ship it to you, a trip to the farm is not usually necessary. The signal is line of sight, trees are the most common obstacles, but shop and house walls haven't been a problem.

Other Extended Connectivity

Here at Triangle Ag-Services we know that our customers can have a hard time with cell phone coverage on parts of their farm. While mainstream agriculture is all about connecting to the cloud, most of us in Montana are happy when we connect to the house. That's one reason we developed Internet for Ag, a way to extend your WiFi coverage to more of your farm, without relying on cell phone towers and without having to pay additional annual fees.
We use Ubiquity Networks equipment to extend your internet signal, whether it's just around the farm yard or covering miles. The most significant limitation is that the signal must be line-of-sight, so if you want to extend for 10 or 20 miles, the equipment will need to be mounted up high, similar to your business band radio. Using the signal around your farm opens up new possibilities, such as sending crop records directly from your Trimble FmX or TmX 2050 display to your home computer every time you close a field. Place a RainWise Weather Station near distant fields to check on wind conditions before loading up the sprayer. Add grain bin and pivot monitoring or cameras. Let Internet for Ag technology save you money and make your life easier.