Trimble EZ-Pilot Assisted Steering System

Integrated High Torque Motor
The electric motor integrates into the steering column providing clear access to all instrument panels and no decrease in leg room in the cab. This fast reacting motor provides a step up in performance and usability when compared to the EZ-Steer. It will acquire the line quicker and easier and then holds the line better. The steering overall is much smoother and closer to a hydraulic installation, for a lower price. And it adapts to many of our older vehicles for more flexibility in installation.

T3 Enhanced Terrain Compensation System
Terrain compensation calculates the difference between the GPS antenna's location and the acutual derived position of the vehicle's center point on the ground, no matter what slope the vehicle is on. The T3 technology in the EZ-Pilot compensates for roll, pitch and yaw, immediately adjusting the vehicle on rough terrain or slopes and hillsides.

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