Trimble precision ag equipment works in all cabs, without color discrimination

As farmers and applicators head out into the field this spring there is no doubt that precision ag has come a long way in the last ten years. While most of the progress has been positive, the wide range of choices may result in confusion when you're trying to work done. As every brand of farm equipment now has their own brand of GPS equipment, farmers are faced with learning to operate a different display in every cab. At Triangle Ag-Services we see the frustration and we also see the options.

Trimble has four displays and four levels of steering that go with any budget and on just about any farm vehicle. Some Trimble displays can do rate control and section control on your sprayer, spreader or air seeder. Use Trimble equipment to apply variable rate from a prescription map or on the go nitrogen with GreenSeeker optical sensors. There is a range of GPS accuracy choices from WAAS to RTX to RTK. So instead of jumping from one brand of display in one cab to another display in another cab, call Triangle Ag-Services to find a Trimble solution that will fit in all your vehicles, no matter which color.

Don't settle for ordinary grain prices, measure your quality and improve profts!

When grain prices are low, that's the time to improve your quality and improve your bottom line. The CropScan 3000H On Combine Protein Monitor mounts on your combine and will measure your protein and moisture approximately every 7 - 11 seconds as you drive down the field. Wheat growers that measure quality can gain bonuses or avoid penalities when they see the average protein of each combine load before they dump that load. Barley growers may be able to avoid contaminating a valuble malt barley bin by moving a high protein load to a different storage bin. Whether you choose to segregate or just track where those loads are going, the quality information will make a difference in marketing.

Connect the analyzer to your GPS receiver and the result is protein maps across your field. The protein data layer may be your missing link in determining your optimal fertilizer application. Too much nitrogen, not enough nitrogen? Maybe your limiting factor isn't nitrogen at all, but you can't see the problem, because you can't see the quality. The CropScan 3000H provides a powerful layer of data that farmers have never had access to before.