20% Discount on New Trimble Equipment!

Looking for that upgrade on your equipment for year end? With Trimble products, Triangle Ag-Services has options for almost all applications. Guidance and steering, rate control and section control, GreenSeeker and more options to improve your farming operation without breaking the bank. Trade-ins welcome.

Discount valid until Dec. 22, 2016. Call for your savings! 406-622-3887

5% Discount on Blockage and Flow Monitor!

Are you tired of looking at skips from blocked runs on your air seeder? Do you want to track your air seeder flow numbers and watch for problems on the primary runs? Quit putting it off and order your new Blockage and Flow Monitor, made by Intelligent Ag. They're taking their product to the next level with a new sensor design and a new mapping option.

Discount valid until Dec. 22, 2016, includes receiving the new sensor design at the old sensor price. Call for your savings! 406-622-3887