Are you listening to your air seeder?

More than just a blockage monitor; the wireless blockage and flow monitor from Intelligent Ag uses accoustic sensors to listen to seed and fertilizer flowing through your air seeder hoses. When there is a plug, or even a partial blockage, the sensors don't receive as many taps on the sensors and it reports that information back to you in the cab. These sensors function like a sethoscope, resulting in a more durable solution for real seeding conditions. Because the system doesn't rely on optical or electro-mechanical technology, you're better protected from the dust, debris and residues that are an accuracy-killing fact of life on the farm.

See the problems using the easy iPad app, getting a clear, complete view of your implement's performance, whether it's flow levels or flow vairance from manifold to manifold. If there's a blockage or even a decrease in flow, you'll know. Give Triangle Ag-Services a call to find out more, 406-622-3887.

Trimble Advanced Positioning Announces RTX Improvements

Data integrity and authenticity are critical to ensure that Trimble's correction services are reliable and trustworthy. Trimbles takes data security extremely seriously and leverages the most advanced technology available to protect their correction data streams. To this end, Trimble Advanced Positioning® will be updating Trimble RTX™ real-time correction streams to AES Encryption, providing further peace of mind for our users. Additionally, Trimble will be changing satellite beams that will accommodate RTX technology enhancements and network coverage expansion for years to come. The net result is even better service reliability and greater access to Trimble’s ever-expanding CenterPoint® RTX Fast network. These changes will provide the end-user with increased reliability and access to faster convergence times in more areas. You know, sometimes it really is rocket science. Click here to download more details.

Trimble RTX Upgrade Relief

Trimble Navigation and Triangle Ag-Services appreciate that upgrading firmware in your display to use the newer, better RTX signals may be an inconvenience. In recognition of the extra effort, users who upgrade their firmware and have a current RangePoint RTX or CenterPoint RTX subscription will receive a coupon for a 10% discount on new Trimble hardware products ordered from Triangle Ag-Services by June 19, 2019.